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Centurion ISM Services Inc. (“Centurion”) is a Listing Sponsor which provides listing sponsor services exclusively for the International Securities Market of the Barbados Stock Exchange (“ISM”). A Listing Sponsor is a company or partnership approved by the Barbados Stock Exchange (“BSE”) to act as an ISM listing sponsor on behalf of applicants and listed issuers, and that is regulated by the ISM listing sponsor rules.

Every potential issuer must appoint a listing sponsor to advise on listing and to deal with the BSE on the listing application. Centurion is an affiliate of Chancery Chambers and Centurion Assurance Services Ltd. The Chairman of Chancery Chambers, Sir Trevor Carmichael Q.C., has championed the ISM from the inception of the idea.

Chancery Chambers was founded in 1977 and it provides a full complement of legal services to national and international clients. Centurion Assurance Services Ltd is a management company which offers predominantly responsive and professional captive insurance management services amongst other related services.

Currently, Centurion Assurance provides such services to a growing portfolio of diverse international clients originating principally from the North and Latin American market.

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Why Barbados?

Barbados’ financial services industry is built on a solid basis of regulation and supervision. When the jurisdiction achieved political independence in 1966, it had already achieved a high level of fiscal maturity as a result of the well run and established safeguards and policies instituted under British rule. Present day Barbados is reflective of that legacy and its supervisory ethos is often the envy of many small – and large – jurisdictions.

Institutionally, the pillars of regulation and supervision are reflected in the following: The Central Bank of Barbados; the Financial Services Commission; the Anti Money Laundering Authority and its Financial Intelligence Unit; and the Ministry of International Business and its Licensing Division. These institutions along with our legislation provide for a fair and consistent regulatory environment for international business.

Barbados is easily differentiated from other Caribbean financial centers because of a commitment to a low tax jurisdiction philosophy. It focuses on treaties and active businesses as opposed to volume driven, zero tax international business companies. The Barbados brand is one of transparency and trust, and it has the ability to engender confidence and certainty.

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